Peter Lodge B.Eng C.Eng M.I.Struct.E
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Some of my projects

House built over culvert - underpinning required & removal of steel beams

Cracking due to steel lintel corrosion and failure

Wall Removal



Pecket Well Mill - Refurbishment - Stair Tower


Pecket Well Mill - Stair Tower & Balconies
Dry Gap Farm - Cruck Frame - Conversion to dwelling




Roof purlin defect


Roof purlin repair


River retaining wall collapse


River wall - Repaired with gabion baskets


Ascencion Island - Pier Repair


Ascencion Island - Pier Refurbishment - New Crane Location
Pier complete & new crane


Ascencion Island - Pier Team

Projects I've been involved with 

HMP Manchester - Refurbishment 

Millenia Tower - Singapore - Entrance Mall Pyramids & Multilevel Underground Carpark

Devonport Naval Dockyard - 10 Dock Nuclear Upgrade & Low Level Refuelling Facility (LLRF) - D154 Project- Trident Submarine Refuelling Project. 

GCHQ - Cheltenham - Computer Hall post-tensioned concrete roof - 80m diameter.

Scottish Parliament Building