Peter Lodge B.Eng C.Eng M.I.Struct.E
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Peter Lodge B.Eng C.Eng M.I.Struct.E

A very experienced Chartered Structural Engineer.

With over 48 years experience in Structural design, Structural Surveys & Construction Advice.

Structural  Survey Service

Surveys are undertaken looking at the structure and maintenance issues with a review of damp and timber.

Following the survey I like to meet the client and discuss the survey & answer any queries.

Any relevant observations are recorded by photo and these used to form the record of the survey.

A brief written summary and recommendations can be given or a full detailed report.

All surveys have a photographic record which is issued as a benchmark record of observations made.

Ascension Island Work

Following a visit to the island in December 2018 a design/construction consultancy was carried out for the Ascension Island Government (AIG). This involved the refurbishment of the pier which was originally constructed in 1816 by the Royal Marines whilst Napoleon was exiled on St Helena.

Additional work included the foundations for the corrosion protection building and sun shelter located on the pier.

Ascension Island Pier - 2018. With setting out for new crane location
Ascension Island Pier - Structural tying of cracks
Ascension Island Pier - Complete with sun shelter & new Dock Side Crane
Ascension Island Corrosion Protection Building Foundation
Ascension Island - CPB - Construction Team